Couple celebrating 80th wedding anniversary shares their recipe for a long happy marriage

Couple celebrating 80th wedding anniversary shares their recipe for a long happy marriage

Elton and Betty went from high school lovebirds to being happily married for 80 years. Their story is melting hearts.

Elton and Betty Denner, California natives, first met in high school back in 1939.

They soon realized that they liked each other a little too much and it was not enough for them to just be friends.

When Elton graduated in 1942, he began studying engineering at Santa Ana College, but that’s when WWII broke out, which made him put his studies on pause.

With the fear of the war, the high school sweethearts didn’t want to wait any longer, so they got married in October 1942.

Only a while later, Elton enlisted in the Army Air Corps pilot training program, becoming an instructor on single-engine planes and, eventually, B-29 bombers.

Elton was stationed on the Pacific island of Tinian as a second lieutenant.

“It would have been terrible to be in the Army and moving around, and not have her with me,” Elton said during an interview with KGW News.

“We had the war to start with,” Betty added, “and that started us on out track.”

Indeed, the couple was always together be it at training or active duty stations.

The young woman never left her beloved husband alone.

They have always felt like they belong together and they consider meeting each other a blessing.

After the war had ended, the couple returned to California, where they raised their two daughters and one son.

Elton became an architectural draftsman and started his own general contracting business, while Betty was primarily a stay-at-home mom.

However, she did work for some time in medical offices and in a junior high school cafeteria.

The couple retired in 1980 and moved to Vida, near Eugene.

Eventually, they returned to California in order to be close to their family.

Over the last few years, the couple has moved to Oregon to reside in Newberg at Brookdale Senior Community.

And that’s where they celebrated their 80th anniversary earlier this month.

On October 15th, the couple, along with their three children, nine grandchildren, and 14 great-grandchildren, celebrated their oak anniversary at the Senior Community.

They held a celebration with a reception, and they only had beautiful things to say about each other and happy memories from their life together.

Of course, they didn’t miss the chance to share the secrets to a long and happy marriage.

There was a lot of communication going on in the background, that we never saw,” one of their daughters shared. “Such a beautiful example for all of us.”

Betty herself said:

“Have a good foundation, keep your feet on the ground”.

This seems to be key to having a good relationship with your spouse in the long run.

Obviously, the two adore each other and, as Elton says, he just looks forward to every new day with his better half.

This couple is a reminder that true love exists and when we find it, we should treasure every moment together.