Stepfather Gets Dream Car He Gave Up To Raise His Adopted Kids 40 Years Ago Back From His Daughter

Parents often make sacrifices for the sake of their children’s needs but more than 40 years ago, a stepfather had to give up on his dream car so he could help raise the kids of the woman was to marry.

When Dave Frase proposed to the mother of Janis Higgins in 1976, he also promised to adopt and take care of her children. Higgins and her younger brother were still little kids when Frase stepped up and became the provider for their family.

However, in ensuring that he could actually provide, Frase had to sell and part ways with his 1973 Corvette Stingray. After all, the sleek sports car was not going to work for a family of four.

Higgins never forgot the sacrifice Frase made for them. She eventually grew up to become a successful middle-aged businesswoman in Austin, Texas, and could afford to repay Frase’s sacrifice by buying his dream car.

In March 2018, Higgins uploaded a personal video of her surprise for Frase on her YouTube business page, which garnered more than 6.2 million views and over 5,000 comments. Though it has been years, the viral video still draws reactions from viewers and interviews from the press who want to know the story behind her precious gift.

In a post on Facebook on June 16, 2022, Higgins wrote that she never regarded Frase as a stepfather as he was “the one and only dad” she and her brother knew. She also praised her father for doing “a million things he didn’t have to do,” as his wife’s children weren’t biologically his. Higgins further said that Frase loved her and her brother unconditionally even if they were not related and he was always there for them no matter what happened.
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Higgins was able to pull off the surprise for Frase by conspiring with her husband and other family members, and it happened after they dined at a restaurant. When they got to the parking lot, Frase immediately saw a familiar-looking green sports car and remarked that he used to have an old Stingray that looked exactly like the one parked outside.

As the family walked toward the car, Higgins told Frase that she remembered and knew how much that car meant to him. She then proceeded to hand the key to the Stingray to her baffled father and told him that it was her way of saying thanks for everything he did for her, his mom, and her brother.

But that’s not the only touching surprise for the dad because Higgins pointed out to Frase that the Stingray’s license plate read “YDHT.” Higgins then explained to her dad that this meant, “you didn’t have to.”

The overwhelmed dad then hugged his daughter tightly and gently sobbed in her arms because this was an unexpected gesture. They stayed locked in each other’s arms for minutes and then Frase planted a kiss on Higgins’ forehead. The daughter proceeded to let her dad inspect the car, which was repaired and upgraded but was still in mint condition.

Meanwhile, Frase turned 85 in November 2022 and was able to go on a trip with his daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren.

“So happy you are healthy again and able to take a trip to New Bern with us!” Higgins wrote on Facebook. “So thankful for you and love spending time together!”