‘Swim Your Lap Down the Barrel’ of Revolver Swimming Pool

A home near Tampa, Florida, has a swimming pool shaped as a revolver and the pool builder told the homeowner, “You swim your lap down the barrel.”

The homeowner, Louis Minardi, was a big hunter and a gunsmith in the 1970s, FOX News reported. In the 1980s he and his wife decided they wanted a pool in their yard and Minardi talked to an old high school friend, Albert Jones III, who had become a custom pool builder.

Jones suggested the revolver-shaped pool, which is an outline of a Ruger revolver.

He told Minardi, “You swim your lap down the barrel. It gets deeper on that end. You can flip over from it, and then you can swim back.”

Minardi recalled his first gun being a double barrel 12 gauge, the Sun Sentinel noted. He said, “I was the shortest, littlest guy growing up, and bought a damn 12-gauge.”

He grew up loving guns, then working on guns, and now he swims in the barrel of one.